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This Is the Man Behind Your Favourite Comic Series!

“Can we create technology that is more beneficial to humans than it is beneficial to machines? –Patrick Lee Patrick Lee started a career in comics at the age of 16. He landed his first job at Image Comics where he learned many skills in drawing comics. He has since worked on many acclaimed works such […]

How an Origami House is Unraveling Surprises on the Edge of the Gulf Islands

“[When] I look for inspiration, I look not to other architecture, I look to my interests in other mediums.” – Tony Robins Architect Tony Robins likens the house he designed off the coast of British Columbia to something you might find in Japanese Origami. The Origami house, as the Gulf Island has come to be […]

Cultural Identity Exists in An Art, Architecture And Archaeology

Get introduced to Li Jiwei, a single man with multiple aptitudes: carver, a rock climber, calligrapher, a stone rubber, and student of Chinese painting who once worked for Laoshan Scenic Cliff Stone Rubbing Project as a chief and devoted himself for further conservation of Thousand Mountain’s historic and cultural legacy after he encountered with some […]

Casa Loma – A Blend Of Art, Architecture And Tragedy

Casa Loma, a Toronto’s Majestic Castle, built in 1910 spending about 3.5 million dollars by Sir Henry Pellat for his wife, is Canada’s famous tourist destination due to its unique architecture and gothic-styled outlooks. The 7 storied Castle with 98 rooms in total has many interesting interior facets as well as hunting lodge and a […]

A Young Artist Who Gave Life to Vintage Art

Sonny Boy, a Los Angeles born and raised artist was surprised to discover his talent when he was asked to paint one of his client’s glass storefront for the first time. He then inspired and pursued a vintage painting job since then. Now, he has made a traditional painting famous throughout Los Angeles, whether it […]

The Beautiful and Fragile Art of Eggshell Carving

The delicate art of egg carving is known to very few. Wen Fuliang had to teach himself the technique over many years and with over 10,000 eggs. His work is incredibly intricate and beautiful. Wen Fuliang draws on historical and mythological stories and uses them as inspiration for the designs he carefully carves onto eggshells. […]

Old Fashioned Art of Puppetry Not Lost in Los Angeles

You may have never heard the name Bob Baker, but there’s a good chance you know his work. Baker was a puppeteer through the most of the 20th Century, his work has appeared in TV shows and movies like Bewitched, Star Trek, G.I. Blues, Bedknobs and Broomsticks and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Baker’s […]

Are Optimus Prime and Megatron the Same Person?

If you’ve been to New York City, you might have seen Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, the Alien (from Alien), the T-800 Terminator, Megatron or any number of other famous movie robots. Chances are, it was Peter Kokis of Brooklyn Robot Works. Using household items like egg slicers and garbage cans, Kokis creates incredibly detailed exoskeletons of […]

Amazing 3D Street Art Created with Chalk and Paint

With images often bordered by crumbling street edges that reveal a spectacle of mummies escaping their tombs or dragon-like creatures flying through a subterranean landscape, Tracy Lee Stum’s 3D artwork will trick you into thinking you’ve found a gateway to a new world. Based out of Southern California, Stum uses chalk and paint to create […]

Finger Circus talks Finger Tutting: A New Dance Form on the Rise

Finger tutting is an up and comer in the experimental dance world, you might know it from commercials, viral YouTube videos, Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off in 2014 or Doctor Strange’s incantations in the 2016 Marvel blockbuster. JayFunk, Pnut and Ctut from the dance group Finger Circus discuss the rise in popularity of finger tutting, […]

Full Metal Blacksmith – Check Out These Badass Medieval Weapons and Armor

In the fast pace modern world of cell phones, technology, brand names and seasonal fashion, many people are rejecting generic trends for old-fashioned, hand crafted work. People like Robb Martin, blacksmith and owner of Thak Ironworks. Robb Martin has been forging iron – everything from armor and weapons to medieval torture devices – for 30 […]

Audrey Hepburn’s son Discusses the Hollywood Star in this Exclusive Interview

One of the biggest stars to ever come out of Hollywood, Audrey Hepburn has captivated audiences for generations with her unforgettable performances in Roman Holiday (1953), Sabrina (1954) and Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961). Her son from her second marriage, Luca Dottie, talks about growing up with the silver screen icon; her on-screen personality and the […]

Explicit! Hollywood Makeup Artist Reveals Special Effects Techniques

Warning: This video contains graphic blood and gore. Viewer discretion is advised. Kazuyuki Okada is a makeup artist who moved to Los Angeles from Japan to work in Hollywood. He specializes in creating extremely real looking makeup effects for horror and slasher movies. His work is impressive – and terrifying. Subscribe to OhMore TV for […]

Paint with Light! Amazing Animation made with Long Exposure Photography

“Darren Pearson uses long exposure photography and an LED pen to create animated works of art – or “light paintings.” It’s a complicated process – not unlike flip book animation – but the finished product is pure magic. Subscribe to OhMore TV for a new video every day. Youtube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: […]

Motorcycle Enhancements that Kick Things up a Notch

You’ve never seen motorcycles modifications like these. John Cosentini uses anything and everything he thinks will add to the aesthetics of his bikes, including – but not limited to – hand grenades, .50 calibre bullets, wrenches, gears and more. Cosentini started modifying his motorcycle in the late 90’s, but it got so much attention he […]

100’s of Uranium Mines Infecting Navajo Lands

Two artists from different backgrounds – one man a Navajo survivor of the residential school system, the other an American woman from the South West – connect through their mutual respect of the land, the desert and their art. Amy S. Martin, a photographer, is working with Navajo artist Shonto Begay on a project to […]

Steampunk Artist Brings 1800s into the Future

Steampunks combine 19th century style with elements of science fiction to create an incomparable look. Roger Wood is an artist who creates Steampunk works of art with clocks, helmets, backpacks and replica ray guns. His pieces are sold around the world to fans of this contrasting genre. Subscribe to OhMore TV for a new video […]

This Artist Uses Color to Fight Anxiety and Depression

Annette Labedzki is a Vancouver based artist who has found an interesting way to use paint. She freezes it into molds and then films herself mixing the colors together in a way that her online fans find amazingly soothing. Some have told Labedzki that watching her videos have helped them to cope with anxiety and […]

Only One Man Carries on this 1,000-year-old Royal Tradition

Only one man in the world can inherit the right to create the traditional Chinese Royal Hang Embroidery. This man began learning his craft at age 13. The Royal Hang Embroidery features gold and silver thread and imbues splendor and luxury. 1,000 years ago it was reserved only for royalty. Subscribe to OhMore TV for […]

This Artist Creates Magical Worlds out of Paper

Paper artist Jackie Huang brings two dimensional worlds to life with her intricate paper art. From sculpture to pop-up books, Huang uses her work in paper engineering to communicate her thoughts and feelings. “I want to prove you can achieve your dreams,” Huang said. Subscribe to OhMore TV on Youtube: Follow us on Instagram: […]

Keeping Traditions Alive at Granville Island Broom Co.

In a fast-paced world of technology, computers, screens and social media inundating us at every turn, is there anywhere left for old-fashioned traditions? The two sisters behind the Granville Island Broom Co. believe there is. Mary and Sarah Schwieger make brooms the way their parents taught them, using methods passed down from Shaker traditions from […]

Van Gogh’s Paintings Recreated in New Style of Filmmaking

Introducing a brand new style of filmmaking, director Hugh Welchman (La Vie en Rose, 2007) takes us behind the scenes on his latest project: Loving Vincent. Welchman’s new film – set to release this year – takes inspiration from the famous post-modernist painter Vincent Van Gogh. By utilizing Van Gogh’s unmistakeable style paired with live […]

Animal Bones and Teeth, Would You Wear Them?

Look inside the world of Rich Sandomeno, a jeweller with a taste for the unusual. Using objects he finds and collects, Sandomeno creates art out of the unexpected. Teeth, animal bones and other atypical materials find their way into Sandomeno’s work, which draws inspiration from the strange balance of perfection and imperfection only found in […]

Building Canoes the Old-Fashioned Way, like they did 150 Years Ago

Some are made of aluminum, some are made of Kevlar but Roger Foster builds his canoes out of wood and he builds them by hand, the same way they were built 150 years ago. “It’s a wonderful feeling to paddle down a small river in a canoe that you’ve made with a paddle you carved […]

Just Say Yes: Repurposing the Ordinary for the Extraordinary

Just say yes. When it comes to taking risks or making gambles in life, Creative Director Miss Morgan believes you should never give up, “just go for it.” Miss Morgan designs and creates her own extraordinary multimedia experiences for extraordinary people. Specializing in costume design, Miss Morgan uses repurposed every day objects to make new […]

$300 per Hour? One of the Most Expensive Tattoo Artists in China

One of the most sought after tattoo artists in China charges $300 USD per hour at Fengge Tattoo Studio in Shenzhen, but only 8 years ago he was just a country boy with a dream. Jian isn’t in it for the money though, and he won’t compromise his artistic integrity for any dollar figure. If […]

Oil Paper Umbrella: the Ancient Surviving Craft

Do you know how many steps it takes to make an oil paper umbrella? It’s more than you might think. Xu Xian is following in his grandfather’s footsteps as a creator of oil paper umbrellas, despite his father’s initial objections. The making of oil paper umbrella’s is a very old tradition, spanning generations. For Xian, […]

Building Without Nails: Secrets behind the Traditional Chinese Architecture

It may be hard to believe, but this traditional Chinese house was built without a single metal nail! Sadly, this form of traditional woodworking is slowly disappearing. However, thanks to architect Xiaoming Huang and his family, this style of Chinese architecture is well alive. Without a nail in sight, this house was built using only […]

A Magician Reveals What It Takes to Own Magic

Do magicians really wield magical powers? Or they are just good at slight of hand? Joe reveals what it takes to become a successful magician in his magical daily life. Subscribe to OhMore TV on Youtube: Follow us on Instagram: Check us out on Facebook: Follow to us on Twitter: Do […]

The Voice of God Fuels Pipe Organ Builder

They’re all over Europe and they’re often found in churches… They play beautiful music…What are they? Pipe organs. You’ve probably seen these massive instruments that make music through a series of pipes. But do you know what goes into their building and design? Or that it often takes 3 years to finish one? In fact, […]

A Canadian Gemstone Sculptor Creates the Most Beautiful Chinese Jade

“Lyle Sopel is more than a Jade Sculptor, he’s a Jade Whisperer, finding soft, natural shapes in a stone that is stronger than steel. This Vancouver artist is legendary and is considered to be the founder of this rare form of sculpture. 35 years ago, when Lyle began carving Jade, the green-coloured gemstone was new […]

When This Rock and Roll Band Broke Up, All Hope Was Lost. After 41 Years Something Amazing Happened

Tommy Mcloughlin, the lead singer of an american garage rock band called The Sloths, had the dream of being a rock-and-roller when the band first formed in 1964. Their first lone single called “Makin’ Love” wasn’t commercially successful as nobody could play it on the radio due to the title. After the band broke up, […]

Listen to Jay: A Jay Chou Documentary

Are you a familiar with Jay Chou? You might have seen him in the new adaptation of the classic superhero movie called “The Green Hornet”. A man well-known in China for his impeccable musical talents, Jay Chou continues to influence many through his music and his recently directed film called the “The Secret”. Although many […]

From an Engineer to a Juggler – A Journey to Follow One’s Dream

Would you leave a comfortable job just to follow your dreams? Dianna David did. This first-generation Filipino-Canadian left her career as a mechanical engineer to pursue a life as a contact juggler, hip hop artist, actor, dancer and storyteller. And guess what? She’s made a living out if it and that’s the role-model she wants […]

A Vancouver Mask Designer Creates Steampunk Inspired Masks. Her Designs Will Amaze You.

Styling herself as a “character facilitator”, or genuinely crazy artist, mask maker Shay Lhea has been crafting these stunning masquerade creations since 2013. Her line of wearable art, Oculto Masks, may mean ‘Hidden’ in Spanish, but she has no problem revealing the truth behind why she designs such far-out costume pieces. What she says about […]

The Los Angeles Dance Company that’s Breaking All Norms

What does a real dancer look like? Don’t let her tattoos fool you. Shattering conventions is what this inspirational dancer, mom, business owner and Los Angeles choreographer is all about. She grew up dreaming of tutus, but when this shy girl didn’t fit into the ballerina mold, she chose to break it completely by opening […]

Love Is The One Cure: Oluwa Toni’s Journey In Music

When Oluwa Toni started struggling with anxiety and depression after he had gone through some business losses few years ago, he lost the motivation to stay alive. He later attended a seminar where they had been asked to create a dream board. He realized his dream was to create a song before he dies. What […]

Nanaimo Body Painting Artist Reveals The True Beauty Of Women’s Anatomy

Body painting artist, Cory Keys donates his artistic talent as a form of therapy to empower breast cancer survivors. Despite the imperfections women experience when recovering from a disease or surgery, his artwork reveals the hidden beauty that all women already possess. With 13 years of experience of body painting, Cory’s brush strokes highlight the […]

This Vancouver Fashionista Creates Fabulous Costumes Out Of Recycled Materials

Dave “Davey” Decarlo is not your ordinary costume designer. Famously known as “The Fashionista Artista” on Davie Street downtown Vancouver, he creates fabulous and outlandish costume designs using materials you’ll normally find in your recycling bin. He expresses his creativity and self-love in the form his fashionable works of art. SUBSCRIBE: – – – […]

The Face Behind A Thousand Masks: Peking Opera Facial Artist

79-year-old Cheng has been obsessed with Peking Opera all his life. Being trained at a young age to not only act, sing and dance, he was also taught to master the craft of painting his character’s face mask. SUBSCRIBE: – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – […]

This San Francisco Digital Artist Is Redefining What The Future Of Art Will Look Like

This San-Fran based digital artist redefined what the future of art will look like with his interactive touch-screen visual installations. This is the future of art. SUBSCRIBE: – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – […]

This Sacred Geometry Artist Uses Lasers To Sculpt His Art. His Creations Will Blow Your Mind.

Sacred meanings to certain geometric shapes and certain geometric proportions has existed since the beginning of time. This laser sculpture wizard, Ari Lazer, showcases his scared creations and shares his philosophy behind his work. SUBSCRIBE: – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – […]