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Feast your eyes on these royal street waffles

“Being in the street in this kind of business, anything can happen.” Eat your waffles, that’s a royal order! In 2007 King Albert II of Belgium mandated the Belgian Ministry of Culinary Affairs to bring his authentic Liege and Brussels waffels to New York City. Wafels & Dinges was born. Subscribe to OhMore TV for […]

Colorful Mix for Lovely Cookies

Want Colorful Cookies for holidays? Prepare biscuits for “trick or treat” and coming holiday now! Try to follow the AKOKO pathways to make your lovely Cookies and Share with other. Subscribe to OhMore TV for a new video every day. Youtube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Vimeo: Tumblr: Snapchat: ohmoretv Do […]

‘Chopped’ Chef Makes It His Mission to Cater to Underserve Los Angeles

“The road that led me to becoming a chef really is a story of my interaction with the city of Los Angeles.” – Chef Brandon Walker Owner and Executive Chef, Brandon Walker, of Los Angeles’ Mar Vista restaurant is making good on a promise to serve the city he calls home. This is the story […]

A Prison Sentence Lead This Chef To Discover His Passion For Cooking

Moma Adrianzén spent his first year as a young adult in prison. While working in the prison’s kitchen, he discovered joy and passion in cooking. After traveling to Malaysia and tasting the unique flavors that the country has offered, Moma decided to infuse it with his local delicacies in Peru and Mexico. Hence, Jeronimo restaurant […]

American Dream of Immigrant: Free Food to Help Homeless

Hunger stricken, poor and enthusiastic Pakistani young man who landed America with 3 dollars pursues American Dream by starting work at gas station, and gradually uplifts himself to transportation business holder and finally to a restaurant owner. After meeting poor and homeless people who seek food in the trash bins, he comes up with an […]

Amazing Food Art: Recall Golden Age in An Eatable Tetris

Food Art is a game, it’s an art. The more artistic you make the food, the more appealing you become as a food maker. Like in Tetris, in food art too, it needs well groundwork and knowledge to place right piece of food in right portion of the plate to make the food more eye-catching. […]

Want To Be Food Lovers Favorite? Start From Spicy Hotpot

Looking for spicy soup of shimmering hotpot in this winter? Don’t worry, just watch this video and become a Hotpot expert in no time. This tastiest and typical food seems to have originated during Jin Dynasty around 1000 years ago in China and has been very famous throughout the world today. While hotpot is kept […]

Food That Caused A Bottleneck in Chinese Street

Chinese are always a step ahead in culinary art. Almost all the Chinese foods are garnished so beautifully that even full-stomached ones crave for the bites. They not only look good but are also delicious. Chinese government has imposed an influential policy to ensure the quality of all the vegetables and edible items that are […]

91 Years of Breakfast with the Community at the Tomahawk

One of the oldest staples of North Vancouver, the Tomahawk Restaurant has been a community hub for 91 years. Passed down from one generation to the next, this Aboriginal breakfast spot has won the hearts and minds of regular patrons, their children and even newcomers to this country. Hereditary owner Chuck Chamberlain takes us behind […]

Only 300 People Know How to Make This 300-year-old “Longlife Noodles”

Suomian noodles have existed for more than 300 years, but only 300 people know how to make it. Fala Lin is one of them. He has been making Suomian in the Nanshan village for over 30 years, and has become a master at it. Watch as he takes you through the process of making his […]

One Of The Last Artisans Making Fish Balls in Traditional Way

Fish balls are a delicious part of Chinese cuisine. This fish ball maker in Huangzhao, China has been preserving the traditional way of making this delicacy by hand for 25 years. Some say his methods are too outdated. Although times has changed, he believes following the tradition and stinking with the process is part of […]

Why the Knife is so Important for Japanese Sushi Chefs

It takes more than just skill, precision and patience to prepare the thinly sliced fish used in sushi and sashimi. Japanese Cuisine Master Chef, Weijun, has been using the same knife for over 16 years, it is his most prized possession. More than just a tool in the kitchen, all great chefs have a special […]

One of the Most Popular “Ancient Style” Home-cooking Restaurant in China

In Hang Zhou, China, there is a small restaurant called “Upstairs”.The restaurant name “Upstairs” comes from a Chinese phrase “Please come upstairs my guests”. Unlike most restaurant, this restaurant only serves one group of customers per day. Decorated in the traditional Chinese way, the restaurant even has altars inside! While the owner is cooking beside […]

The Art of Japanese Seasonal Sweets, Wagashi

Traditional Japanese confections known as Wagashi are a feast for the eyes as well as the mouth. Their designs often represent seasonal flowers or transience of nature. “Wa” literally means Japan and “gashi” refers to sweets. Made with delicate care and skill, wagashi are deeply rooted in Japanese culture and pairs well with green tea.

Maple Syrup: The Sweet Legacy of Canada

Did you know about Canada’s secret career? We do more than cut trees. We tap them! See how one man’s syrup became his legacy.