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Kabuki, Street That Never Sleeps At Night

The nocturnal Foodie Street of Japan, Kabuki sleeps during the day and wakes up in the night. It gets crazily flooded with people in the night time that it makes even a walking very difficult. Julie owns a cake shop here and never gets tired of serving the latecomers with traditional Japanese foods, cakes, fruits […]

An All-Girl Skateboard Gang in Toronto

As one of the representatives of street culture, skateboarding culture provides freedom and happiness. Unlike skating on the street, skating in a skateboarding park is more of a social activity. However, we rarely get the chance to see girls in this social event. Stephanie Battieste, the founder of Babes Brigade which is the women’s skateboarding […]

Never Miss Seawater Tofu If You Go to Laoshan

Laoshan, a district located on the coast of sea and surrounded by mountains in Qingdao, has many food stories. Seawater Tofu is one of the most distinctive foods in Laoshan, which has been more than 100 years old. Compared with other methods, making tofu with sea water is faster and tastes fresher. The Seawater Tofu […]

Must A Great Dancer Have A Sound Body?

The answer is no. Wheelchair dancer Chelsie Hill and her team not only concentrate on dance performance, she wants to help more people re-establish confidence. “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.“ A car accident took Chelsie Hill’s legs, and her dream that being a professional competitive […]

The Way to Reborn from Cancer

No one can guarantee that cancer can be cured, but cancer does not necessarily mean death. Mentality is a crucial factor in this struggle. You could win as long as you have determination and a way to release the pain. Leaf carving is undoubtedly a time-consuming hobby, which helped Chichi Qi overcome the pain of […]

What Else Can We Do Besides Death if a Nuclear War Breaks out?

Only ten percent of the total amount of nuclear weapons can easily destroy the very atmosphere itself on earth. Maybe it is too late to worry about the issue – will nuclear war break out – when the damage comes. To save for a for a rainy day, Bruce Beach has built a shelter named […]

All-Male-Crew, a Marketing Gimmick or a Vintage Attempt at Chinese Opera?

Kunqu Opera is one of the oldest traditional operas in China. At the most prosperous time of Kunqu Opera, male crew and female crew had to perform separately due to the situation of the feudal society. However, what is the meaning of rebuilding all-male-crew in the modern era of freedom and openness? Chances are, the […]

Age is Nothing But a Number

Believe it or not, 62-year-old Lynn Wainweight is a competive pole dancer. Despite her age, she gathered the courage to overcome her insecurities and judgement from others to do what she loves – expressing herself through the beautiful art form of pole dancing. Since the start of her journey, her health, confidence and happiness has […]

The Greatest Beards and Moustaches in the Region Converge in Los Angeles

Beards come and go as fashionable trends – the hipster movement recently brought them back into vogue – but did you know that there are people so committed to their beards that they compete professionally? Meet current world champion Madison Rowley, with an 18” beard he is a two time gold medal winner at the […]

Life Saving Makeover from NYC Dog Groomer

In New York City there are 670,000 dogs that die every year for lack of a home. One of the biggest problems standing in their way is as simple as cosmetics. Strays coming off the streets are often in rough shape with matted fur and abrasions. Mark Imhof volunteers his time, grooming dogs at the […]

Navy SEAL Injury: What do you do When the Dream is Over?

A man’s lifelong dream of becoming a Navy SEAL is shattered when he breaks his leg during SEAL training. At a loss for what direction to turn in, the ex-SEAL trainee takes a job as a salesman, but finds the work ultimately disappointing. His conviction in never quitting, never giving up makes it hard for […]

Rescue Dog Shares her Story of Finding Love

Tacoma – a rescue dog from Cross our Paws Rescue – became an Instagram star basically overnight after a friend of the owners dared them to reach 1,000 followers with adorable photos of Tacoma. It took a couple of months, but now Tacoma is internet famous, and raising awareness for rescue dogs all over the […]

2017 Vancouver Pride Parade’s Grand Marshal Speaks on Being Trans at 14

Tru Wilson – one of this year’s Vancouver Pride Parade Grand Marshals – shares her story of coming out as transgender at a young age. Wilson was named one of Vancouver’s 50 most powerful and influential people by Vancouver Magazine after she and her family took a stance on accepting trans individuals at her Catholic […]

Children Perform on the Shoulders of Adults in this Chinese New Year Temple Fair

Liu Jiabin is one of a select few children who perform in the Temple Fair on Chinese New Year. The selected children wear elaborate regalia and makeup and sit on a special bracket carried by adults as they are paraded through the streets. It is an honor to be chosen for this traditional ceremony. Subscribe […]

32 Years in Charlie Chaplin’s Shoes

Charlie Chaplin – one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood history – and you can see him on Hollywood Boulevard today. Matt Schaefer is an actor who makes a living as Charlie Chaplin’s classic Tramp character. He’s been at it for 32 years – longer than most who go to Los Angeles with dreams […]

This Couple Left Everything to Find Freedom on the Open Road

Everyone seeks freedom. It’s a constitutional guarantee for Americans, but how free are you? Phones, bills, responsibilities – they tie you down – but not this couple. Kameron Waters and his partner live in a van. They pick up and leave when they please, stop where they want, and do the things they do whenever […]

Can a Computer Understand Tai Chi (Martial Arts)?

Can an ancient martial art be quantified by science? Can it be observed, measured and broken down into parts that can be computed? Traditionally, the methods of Tai Chi have been passed down by word of mouth and communicated from one human to another, much like a philosophical discourse. But after years of studying the […]

Rapping to End Abuse

Living with a life threatening illness and surviving a troubled past, Haitian-Canadian rapper K-Star opens up about his experience with sickle cell anemia and working through trauma from bullying. K-Star was told at a young age that his condition would prevent him from living past 20, but the rapper is staying strong no matter what. […]

17,000 km in Search of the Meaning of Love

Vancouver photographer Angela Fama sets out on a 17,000 km round trip across North America to find an answer to the age old question – what is love? Described as “the most challenging undertaking” of her life, Fama begins her journey in Vancouver and drives across two countries – through Winnipeg, Montreal, Tennessee, New Orleans, […]

Meet the Real Spiderman

Meet Peng Wencai – a real life eco-friendly neighbourhood Spiderman. Surrounded by the breathtakingly beautiful – but dangerous – heights of Mount Emei’s Golden Summit, Peng Wencai beings his work day. Known as “Spiderman” by the locals, Peng Wencai’s job is to keep the mountain clean with just a rope and a bag. It’s a […]

Musical Saw: The Strangest Instrument You’ve Ever Seen

There are lots of street performers and buskers in New York City – break dancers, singers, bucket drummers – but have you ever seen the Saw Lady? Natalia ‘Saw Lady’ Paruz is a New York City-based musical saw player and busker. She is the founder and director of the annual Musical Saw Festival in New […]

Laugh your Problems Away with Comedy Therapy

Can laughter heal your soul? Follow comedian Adam Barnhardt as he guides his students through mental illness, addiction, social anxiety and the pressures of human existence with an age-old remedy – laughter. Barnhardt teaches his School of Comedy as a form of therapy out of The Clown House in Downtown Los Angeles. Subscribe to OhMore […]

Classic Cars Build a Bond between Fathers and Sons

How does the love of classical cars unite 3 generations? Distance usually drives us apart, however in this family, the connections between father and son will never be lost thanks to their passion for vintage automotives. Subscribe on Youtube: Follow us on Instagram: Check us out on Facebook: Subscribe us on Twitter: […]

From Injury to a Bodybuilder: Muscle, Music and Mindset

Never say never! Would you believe this ripped Chinese-Canadian bodybuilder was once on crutches for 2 years? Although his right leg is badly injured and his doctor said he’d never be an athlete, he conquered the injury and finally got into the best shape of his life, leading him to rank among the top 3 […]

The No.1 Chinese Martial Arts to Achieve Harmony between Human and Nature

Want to see “Kung Fu Panda” story in real life? As the head of Wudang gang, he is the Chinese real Kung Fu master living in the mountains away from modern society and digging into martial arts. Kung Fu for him is not only for self-protection, but a way to achieve harmony between nature and […]

China’s Coolest Vintage Motorcycles Club – the School Boy Who Bought a Kawasaki W650

He has a passion for retro motorcycles despite of their slow speed. He loves vintage things because of the memory and history they carried. When he was still in high school, he saved and borrowed money so that he could buy his first second-hand retro motorbike Although his parents thinks his collection is junk, he […]

A Plus Size Model Proves Size Doesn’t Matter for Fashion

Does a model have to have the perfect measurements? Plus-size model Jewelz not only loves her body, she wants you to love yours too! That’s the goal of this 24 year-old from Toronto, who is not only successful in plus-size fashion, she’s also a champion of the body positive movement. Her mission is to inspire […]

The Reasons behind Chinese People’s Obsession over Late-night Meals

What is your favorite late-night snack? Glutinous rice balls, won-ton, spicy hotpot, stewed pig hoof and barbecues – in China, having grand late-night meals has become a part of everyone’s lifestyles. To satisfy the intense desire for delicious food, People in Chengdu walk through streets and lanes to seek some delicious snacks at late night. […]

Kung Fu Woman Attains Inner Freedom with Traditional Martial Art – Taichi

Born as the 6th generation heir of a Taichi family, Ye has trained rigorously under her mother from a young age. Taichi is a popular Chinese martial art that trains the body as well as the mind. It can connect you with your inner self and help you find personal freedom. The rich culture and […]

Can Your Boyfriend Recognize You Only by Your Body Figure?

5 boyfriends are challenged to guess their girlfriends simply by their girlfriends’ body figures. Will they guess right? Subscribe to OhMore TV on Youtube: Follow us on Instagram: Check us out on Facebook: Follow to us on Twitter: Do you have a story to tell? We want to hear from you! […]

A Social Experiment to Give Up the Urban Lifestyle and Live In The Wilderness

After having enough of the hustle and bustle of the city life, Guan Hua and his wife decided to leave for a simpler lifestyle as a social experiment. Surrounded by nature in the Lao Shan, they live in a home they built out of recycled materials, growing their own food, making their own clothing and […]

Couples Test: Blindfolded Men Guess Their Lover by Touching Their Face

Would you put your relationship to the test doing this challenge? In this heart-warming social experiment, the men are blindfolded and asked to guess their lover simply by touching their face. Will they guess right? Watch what happens next…

Living Like An Animal

Would you dare live in a house with spiders, scorpions and snakes crawling around? For Sean Roach, this is his everyday life! Being a Wild Life Educator and animal enthusiast, Sean sees the wonder of nature expressed in all the amazing animals in the world. To him, animals are his super heroes. He draws inspiration […]

The Last Typewriter Repairman

In this modern age of keyboards and touch screens, the vintage typewriter still lives on. So does the man that repairs it. SUBSCRIBE: – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – […]