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Flying Into Unknown: The Adventure of Paraglider Jordan

This reel reflects a story of an adventurous young man Benjamin Jordan, who once hears his brain say ‘you can do that’ while watching paragliders doing acrobatic acts. He listens to this voice and starts flying. Launching his paragliding into the skies without having any idea of the destination, he flies from one top to […]

Animals’ Movement: Root of Martial Art Development

Hua Yi, Tuo’s fifty-nine generation heir, continued her great grandfather’s innovation wuqunxi, literally ‘five beast’s exercise’ by learning it and later teaching this to the youngsters. According to her, in wuqunxi, there are mainly five animals’ movements which are imitated during the training course. Tiger, Deer, beer, Ape and Crane (bird) are considered to be […]

How Can a High Liner Overcome the Fear?

Highlining is slacklining at elevation above the ground or water, it might be the pinnacle of slacklining and the most breathtaking sport to face fear directly. In order to slackline between two mountains, Mia Noblet has gone through a lot of practice for 2 years to overcome her fear. And finally, she broke the Female […]

What Can Sushi Teach You that Baseball Can’t?

Finding success in professional sports is about as difficult as making it big in Hollywood. This minor league baseball player was faced with a difficult choice: give up on his dream of being in the major leagues to support his family, or give up his family to pursue his dream. Subscribe to OhMore TV for […]

Ride ‘em Don’t Hide ‘em: Step Into the World of Los Angeles Bikers

Co-owners of Lucky Wheels Garage, Ty Neff and Jackson McGovern take you into their world of motorcycles. For these two, it’s not about mastering any skill so much as it’s about life by doing what brings you the most joy. For them, it’s motorcycles. That’s why they opened a do it yourself motorcycle garage where […]

First Indian Fighter in UFC Shares Story

MMA Heavyweight Arjan Bhullar gets real about training, family and motivation in a personal interview, exclusive to OhMore TV. Wrestling since he was in diapers and holding provincial, national and international titles and awards, this 241-lb fighter from Richmond, Canada has a flawless 6-0 win streak in MMA. Will he be able to maintain it […]

Whitewater Woman Kills the Kayaker Stereotype

She feels the fear, but for female kayaker Maranda Stopol, the water spraying in her face means nothing. The rapids beneath her only drive her on. This female athlete and extreme kayaker is out to answer the question, “if boys can do that, why can’t I?” Stopol faces more than the raging rivers or fast-moving […]

Overcoming Disability on the Path to Kung Fu Master

Born 24 weeks prematurely with cerebral palsy, CJ Yektazarian finds himself at a cross roads after failing his level 5 Wing Chun exam. With his dreams of becoming Sifu – a Wing Chun Master – uncertain, CJ questions his future and commitment to the martial art that he once relied on. Subscribe on Youtube: […]

Motocross Champion Returns after Spinal Cord Injury

Motocross Champion Chris Plouffe gets back on his bike after a devastating spinal injury in 2015. He’s regained the use of his legs, but will he ever make it back on top? Plouffe has dedicated his life to Motocross, starting at only 2 years old and training 4 days a week for 20 years. Plouffe […]

Vancouver Ultra Running Athletes Take on The Rugged Wilderness of British Columbia

It takes a different breed of athlete to conquer the sport of Ultra-Running. For Meghan and her friends, running extreme distances on trails through the rugged Coast Mountains of British Columbia is why they call themselves the Trail Chasers; a team of ultra-runners from Vancouver. In ultra-running, runners will cover the same amount of terrain […]

When A Fighter Lost His First Battle, All Hope Was Lost. Then He Found A Good Reason To Fight

It takes a courage to enter an MMA fight knowing that you’re going to lose. But for this Armenian cage-fighter and 34 -year-old bodyguard from L.A., his motivation is his 10- year-old son, Michael, who aspires to be in MMA someday. Among other lessons, Archil Bidzhoian is trying to teach his son the strength of […]

The No.1 Parkour and Freerunning Man in China

You may have seen him in the most classic Parkour scene ever, standing in as Donnie Yen’s double in the movie ‘Bodyguards and Assassins’, an iconic Chinese film. A parkourer since 2006, Zhanglei is one of the world’s best known freerunners, nicknamed the “Little Leopard” for his speed, acceleration and acrobatic skills. As he cartwheels, […]

This Mountain Biker Explores The Wilderness Of BC And Learns A Valuable Lesson

As a professional mountain biker, Lorraine Blancher has spent the past 20 years exploring the wild places of BC for fun and for work. Her bike has taken her to some of the most pristine and rugged places in BC where she has learned respect and gratitude for the world around her. Listening to and […]