World’s First Fluorescent Frog Discovered in Argentina

Have you ever seen a tree frog that naturally fluoresces? Scientists have recently discovered the World’s first fluorescent frog. It’s called the polka-dot tree frog that glows bright green under ultraviolet light. Many ocean creatures fluoresce, including fish, corals, shrimps, sharks and one species of sea turtle. Although it is mysterious as to why animals […]

Why the Knife is so Important for Japanese Sushi Chefs

It takes more than just skill, precision and patience to prepare the thinly sliced fish used in sushi and sashimi. Japanese Cuisine Master Chef, Weijun, has been using the same knife for over 16 years, it is his most prized possession. More than just a tool in the kitchen, all great chefs have a special […]

Why Do the Japanese Live Longer?

Did you know that Japan has the highest life expectancy in the world? Why are the Japanese living so long? One of the main contributing factors is that they eat healthier! The typical Japanese diet includes a lot of fish. Consuming fish lowers the risk of heart disease. Also, fish oil helps prevent certain types […]

Why Do Billy Goat Smell So Bad?

Billy goats — or bucks are intact male goats. Bucks stink with a peculiar odor that can be quite offensive. Neither does female goats nor wethers males exhibit such odors. Bucks stink with a strong musky odor, which comes from both their scent glands, located near their horns, and their urine, which they spray on […]

Whitewater Woman Kills the Kayaker Stereotype

She feels the fear, but for female kayaker Maranda Stopol, the water spraying in her face means nothing. The rapids beneath her only drive her on. This female athlete and extreme kayaker is out to answer the question, “if boys can do that, why can’t I?” Stopol faces more than the raging rivers or fast-moving […]

When This Rock and Roll Band Broke Up, All Hope Was Lost. After 41 Years Something Amazing Happened

Tommy Mcloughlin, the lead singer of an american garage rock band called The Sloths, had the dream of being a rock-and-roller when the band first formed in 1964. Their first lone single called “Makin’ Love” wasn’t commercially successful as nobody could play it on the radio due to the title. After the band broke up, […]

When Disneyland Meets Traditional Chinese Architecture

Do you like Disneyland? Unlike all the other Disneylands in the world, the Disneyland in China actually has traditional Chinese architecture in it. Having fun at a Disneyland and enjoying Chinese culture at the same time makes this Disneyland special. If you do not have a summer vacation plan yet, why not come and visit? […]

When A Fighter Lost His First Battle, All Hope Was Lost. Then He Found A Good Reason To Fight

It takes a courage to enter an MMA fight knowing that you’re going to lose. But for this Armenian cage-fighter and 34 -year-old bodyguard from L.A., his motivation is his 10- year-old son, Michael, who aspires to be in MMA someday. Among other lessons, Archil Bidzhoian is trying to teach his son the strength of […]

What Is Love, Motherhood And Cleverness? Learn From Sea Otter

Otters are the most beautiful, loving and outlandishly smart animals in the universe! Believe it or not, it is absolutely true. They are the smartest animals having strong bond between the family members; applying strange strategy to avoid their members from floating out and wrapping themselves in long strands of kelp as an anchor. Still […]

What Else Can We Do Besides Death if a Nuclear War Breaks out?

Only ten percent of the total amount of nuclear weapons can easily destroy the very atmosphere itself on earth. Maybe it is too late to worry about the issue – will nuclear war break out – when the damage comes. To save for a for a rainy day, Bruce Beach has built a shelter named […]

What Can Sushi Teach You that Baseball Can’t?

Finding success in professional sports is about as difficult as making it big in Hollywood. This minor league baseball player was faced with a difficult choice: give up on his dream of being in the major leagues to support his family, or give up his family to pursue his dream. Subscribe to OhMore TV for […]

Ways Men Can Be More Attractive To Women

Ever wondered what it takes for a guy to attract more women? Forget all the guess work because you’re in luck! After looking through many psychological studies involving women, here are 5 science-approved ways that men can be more attractive to women. Subscribe to OhMore TV on Youtube: Follow us on Instagram: Check […]

Warning! This is Going to Make you Want Cake

This delicious cake made from a mélange of spices, fruits and fresh ingredients will give you a reason to run to the closest bakery. Subscribe to OhMore TV on Youtube: Follow us on Instagram: Check us out on Facebook: Follow to us on Twitter: Do you have a story to tell? […]

Want To Be Food Lovers Favorite? Start From Spicy Hotpot

Looking for spicy soup of shimmering hotpot in this winter? Don’t worry, just watch this video and become a Hotpot expert in no time. This tastiest and typical food seems to have originated during Jin Dynasty around 1000 years ago in China and has been very famous throughout the world today. While hotpot is kept […]

Vancouver Ultra Running Athletes Take on The Rugged Wilderness of British Columbia

It takes a different breed of athlete to conquer the sport of Ultra-Running. For Meghan and her friends, running extreme distances on trails through the rugged Coast Mountains of British Columbia is why they call themselves the Trail Chasers; a team of ultra-runners from Vancouver. In ultra-running, runners will cover the same amount of terrain […]

Van Gogh’s Paintings Recreated in New Style of Filmmaking

Introducing a brand new style of filmmaking, director Hugh Welchman (La Vie en Rose, 2007) takes us behind the scenes on his latest project: Loving Vincent. Welchman’s new film – set to release this year – takes inspiration from the famous post-modernist painter Vincent Van Gogh. By utilizing Van Gogh’s unmistakeable style paired with live […]

Unbelievable Motorbike Stunts and the Freestyle Kings

“We like to live far from the edge, we don’t like to live a normal life.” – Josh Hanna, Freestyle Kings It might look effortless from the audience, but these motor biking maniacs defy the laws of gravity with their high performance, high octane and highflying stunts that will amaze and astound you. Go behind […]

This Vancouver Fashionista Creates Fabulous Costumes Out Of Recycled Materials

Dave “Davey” Decarlo is not your ordinary costume designer. Famously known as “The Fashionista Artista” on Davie Street downtown Vancouver, he creates fabulous and outlandish costume designs using materials you’ll normally find in your recycling bin. He expresses his creativity and self-love in the form his fashionable works of art. SUBSCRIBE: – – – […]

This Treehouse Getaway Lets Guests Live Among The Treetops

Ever had a childhood fantasy of living in a treehouse? Now you can! At Free Spirit Spheres: This Vancouver Island getaway takes treehouses to a whole new level, come with us as we take a peek inside one of these fabulous treetop spheres! It’s a futuristic design that would make the Jetsons envious, but […]

This San Francisco Digital Artist Is Redefining What The Future Of Art Will Look Like

This San-Fran based digital artist redefined what the future of art will look like with his interactive touch-screen visual installations. This is the future of art. SUBSCRIBE: – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – […]

This Sacred Geometry Artist Uses Lasers To Sculpt His Art. His Creations Will Blow Your Mind.

Sacred meanings to certain geometric shapes and certain geometric proportions has existed since the beginning of time. This laser sculpture wizard, Ari Lazer, showcases his scared creations and shares his philosophy behind his work. SUBSCRIBE: – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – […]

This Mountain Biker Explores The Wilderness Of BC And Learns A Valuable Lesson

As a professional mountain biker, Lorraine Blancher has spent the past 20 years exploring the wild places of BC for fun and for work. Her bike has taken her to some of the most pristine and rugged places in BC where she has learned respect and gratitude for the world around her. Listening to and […]

This Is the Man Behind Your Favourite Comic Series!

“Can we create technology that is more beneficial to humans than it is beneficial to machines? –Patrick Lee Patrick Lee started a career in comics at the age of 16. He landed his first job at Image Comics where he learned many skills in drawing comics. He has since worked on many acclaimed works such […]

This Couple Left Everything to Find Freedom on the Open Road

Everyone seeks freedom. It’s a constitutional guarantee for Americans, but how free are you? Phones, bills, responsibilities – they tie you down – but not this couple. Kameron Waters and his partner live in a van. They pick up and leave when they please, stop where they want, and do the things they do whenever […]

This Bookstore In Downtown Los Angeles Is Every Bookworm’s Fantasy

Against the closure of massive bookstore chains and the rise of e-books, this odd bookstore survived the recession and is now considered every bookworm’s fantasy. The labyrinth of book shelves, book tunnels and flying paperbacks will take you to a world unlike any other. Watch as we bring you on a tour of the downtown […]

This Artist Uses Color to Fight Anxiety and Depression

Annette Labedzki is a Vancouver based artist who has found an interesting way to use paint. She freezes it into molds and then films herself mixing the colors together in a way that her online fans find amazingly soothing. Some have told Labedzki that watching her videos have helped them to cope with anxiety and […]

This Artist Creates Magical Worlds out of Paper

Paper artist Jackie Huang brings two dimensional worlds to life with her intricate paper art. From sculpture to pop-up books, Huang uses her work in paper engineering to communicate her thoughts and feelings. “I want to prove you can achieve your dreams,” Huang said. Subscribe to OhMore TV on Youtube: Follow us on Instagram: […]

The Way to Reborn from Cancer

No one can guarantee that cancer can be cured, but cancer does not necessarily mean death. Mentality is a crucial factor in this struggle. You could win as long as you have determination and a way to release the pain. Leaf carving is undoubtedly a time-consuming hobby, which helped Chichi Qi overcome the pain of […]

The Voice of God Fuels Pipe Organ Builder

They’re all over Europe and they’re often found in churches… They play beautiful music…What are they? Pipe organs. You’ve probably seen these massive instruments that make music through a series of pipes. But do you know what goes into their building and design? Or that it often takes 3 years to finish one? In fact, […]

The Twisted Romance between a Pervert Landlord and an Innocent Girl

This innocent girl has no idea what she’s in for when she meets her new landlord. Welcome to OhMore TV’s new animation series. Video credit to Steamworks Studio. Subscribe to OhMore TV on Youtube: Follow us on Instagram: Check us out on Facebook: Follow to us on Twitter: Do you have […]

The Reasons behind Chinese People’s Obsession over Late-night Meals

What is your favorite late-night snack? Glutinous rice balls, won-ton, spicy hotpot, stewed pig hoof and barbecues – in China, having grand late-night meals has become a part of everyone’s lifestyles. To satisfy the intense desire for delicious food, People in Chengdu walk through streets and lanes to seek some delicious snacks at late night. […]

The No.1 Parkour and Freerunning Man in China

You may have seen him in the most classic Parkour scene ever, standing in as Donnie Yen’s double in the movie ‘Bodyguards and Assassins’, an iconic Chinese film. A parkourer since 2006, Zhanglei is one of the world’s best known freerunners, nicknamed the “Little Leopard” for his speed, acceleration and acrobatic skills. As he cartwheels, […]

The No.1 Chinese Martial Arts to Achieve Harmony between Human and Nature

Want to see “Kung Fu Panda” story in real life? As the head of Wudang gang, he is the Chinese real Kung Fu master living in the mountains away from modern society and digging into martial arts. Kung Fu for him is not only for self-protection, but a way to achieve harmony between nature and […]

The Most Prestigious and Exquisite Japanese Sweets: Wagashi

If you are a fan of Japanese sweets, are you curious of how it is made? Watch the vertical video with full screen for the visual impact! Subscribe on Youtube: Follow us on Instagram: Check us out on Facebook: Subscribe us on Twitter: Do you have a story to tell? We […]

The Los Angeles Dance Company that’s Breaking All Norms

What does a real dancer look like? Don’t let her tattoos fool you. Shattering conventions is what this inspirational dancer, mom, business owner and Los Angeles choreographer is all about. She grew up dreaming of tutus, but when this shy girl didn’t fit into the ballerina mold, she chose to break it completely by opening […]

The Last Typewriter Repairman

In this modern age of keyboards and touch screens, the vintage typewriter still lives on. So does the man that repairs it. SUBSCRIBE: – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – […]

The Greatest Beards and Moustaches in the Region Converge in Los Angeles

Beards come and go as fashionable trends – the hipster movement recently brought them back into vogue – but did you know that there are people so committed to their beards that they compete professionally? Meet current world champion Madison Rowley, with an 18” beard he is a two time gold medal winner at the […]

The Face Behind A Thousand Masks: Peking Opera Facial Artist

79-year-old Cheng has been obsessed with Peking Opera all his life. Being trained at a young age to not only act, sing and dance, he was also taught to master the craft of painting his character’s face mask. SUBSCRIBE: – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – […]

The Deadly Secrets of Earthquake Aftershocks

Aftershocks are a smaller earthquakes that comes after the initial larger quake. They aren’t as powerful as the first one, but they’re nothing to be taken lightly. Aftershocks can come hours, days or even months and years after the first earthquake, and despite being smaller, they can bring down structures that were already compromised in […]

The Beautiful and Fragile Art of Eggshell Carving

The delicate art of egg carving is known to very few. Wen Fuliang had to teach himself the technique over many years and with over 10,000 eggs. His work is incredibly intricate and beautiful. Wen Fuliang draws on historical and mythological stories and uses them as inspiration for the designs he carefully carves onto eggshells. […]

The Art of Japanese Seasonal Sweets, Wagashi

Traditional Japanese confections known as Wagashi are a feast for the eyes as well as the mouth. Their designs often represent seasonal flowers or transience of nature. “Wa” literally means Japan and “gashi” refers to sweets. Made with delicate care and skill, wagashi are deeply rooted in Japanese culture and pairs well with green tea.

Strawberry Coffee Macaron

These melt-in-mouth coffee macaroons look delicious! 😍 Don’t watch this on an empty stomach.

Steampunk Artist Brings 1800s into the Future

Steampunks combine 19th century style with elements of science fiction to create an incomparable look. Roger Wood is an artist who creates Steampunk works of art with clocks, helmets, backpacks and replica ray guns. His pieces are sold around the world to fans of this contrasting genre. Subscribe to OhMore TV for a new video […]

She has the Most Enviable Profession in the World – Global Traveler

Cai Yun – a professional traveler – has made expeditions from Africa to Mount Everest, from the desert onto the open ocean, into the sky and through the Middle East. Cai Yun estimates that she travels about four times each year and visits two to three countries each time. Listen as she shares her stories […]

Service Animals – Where did They Come From, What are They Doing?

Humans and animals have been helping each other for thousands of years, but our reliance on animals has reached new heights in the modern day. Service animals – like guide dogs – are the life line for many people living with disabilities. Not just useful, they’re cute, friendly companions too. Who could ask for more? […]

Save Your Life from Quicksand with the Right Techniques

Quicksand has a murderous reputation in fictional films, but can quicksand really kill you? Actually, with the right techniques, you can save yourself easily. Check out our video and see how to get out of the quicksand! Subscribe to OhMore TV on Youtube: Follow us on Instagram: Check us out on Facebook: […]

Rifle Bird’s Display: A Meaningful Dance

The Victoria’s rifle bird named after Queen Victoria and known also as the bird-of-paradise was discovered by John Macgillivray in 1848. This endemic bird for Australia became famous as rifle bird due to the rifle-like sound it produces while flying. The smallest rifle bird measures 23–25 cm. When the male bird has to attract female […]

Ride ‘em Don’t Hide ‘em: Step Into the World of Los Angeles Bikers

Co-owners of Lucky Wheels Garage, Ty Neff and Jackson McGovern take you into their world of motorcycles. For these two, it’s not about mastering any skill so much as it’s about life by doing what brings you the most joy. For them, it’s motorcycles. That’s why they opened a do it yourself motorcycle garage where […]

Rescue Dog Shares her Story of Finding Love

Tacoma – a rescue dog from Cross our Paws Rescue – became an Instagram star basically overnight after a friend of the owners dared them to reach 1,000 followers with adorable photos of Tacoma. It took a couple of months, but now Tacoma is internet famous, and raising awareness for rescue dogs all over the […]

Rapping to End Abuse

Living with a life threatening illness and surviving a troubled past, Haitian-Canadian rapper K-Star opens up about his experience with sickle cell anemia and working through trauma from bullying. K-Star was told at a young age that his condition would prevent him from living past 20, but the rapper is staying strong no matter what. […]

Quenching Your Food Fever? Go Qiantang River

Ever wondered what it would be like to watch food fireworks? This video gives you an idea when dazzling spectacle with choreographed multicolored moon cake fireworks bursting open against the backdrop of the artificial night sky. Fireworks show can be even more awe-inspiring! Subscribe to OhMore TV for a new video every day. Youtube: […]

Photojournalist Lives the Real Life of a Nightcrawler

You might remember the film Nightcrawler with Jake Gyllenhaal, about a psychopath who makes money on the tragedies of others by filming car crashes and murder scenes. You might think it’s just a Hollywood film, but real life nightcrawlers actually exist, like this photojournalist from Ontario. Subscribe to OhMore TV for a new video every […]

Paint with Light! Amazing Animation made with Long Exposure Photography

“Darren Pearson uses long exposure photography and an LED pen to create animated works of art – or “light paintings.” It’s a complicated process – not unlike flip book animation – but the finished product is pure magic. Subscribe to OhMore TV for a new video every day. Youtube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: […]

Overcoming Disability on the Path to Kung Fu Master

Born 24 weeks prematurely with cerebral palsy, CJ Yektazarian finds himself at a cross roads after failing his level 5 Wing Chun exam. With his dreams of becoming Sifu – a Wing Chun Master – uncertain, CJ questions his future and commitment to the martial art that he once relied on. Subscribe on Youtube: […]

Only One Man Carries on this 1,000-year-old Royal Tradition

Only one man in the world can inherit the right to create the traditional Chinese Royal Hang Embroidery. This man began learning his craft at age 13. The Royal Hang Embroidery features gold and silver thread and imbues splendor and luxury. 1,000 years ago it was reserved only for royalty. Subscribe to OhMore TV for […]

Only 300 People Know How to Make This 300-year-old “Longlife Noodles”

Suomian noodles have existed for more than 300 years, but only 300 people know how to make it. Fala Lin is one of them. He has been making Suomian in the Nanshan village for over 30 years, and has become a master at it. Watch as he takes you through the process of making his […]

One of the Most Popular “Ancient Style” Home-cooking Restaurant in China

In Hang Zhou, China, there is a small restaurant called “Upstairs”.The restaurant name “Upstairs” comes from a Chinese phrase “Please come upstairs my guests”. Unlike most restaurant, this restaurant only serves one group of customers per day. Decorated in the traditional Chinese way, the restaurant even has altars inside! While the owner is cooking beside […]

One Of The Last Artisans Making Fish Balls in Traditional Way

Fish balls are a delicious part of Chinese cuisine. This fish ball maker in Huangzhao, China has been preserving the traditional way of making this delicacy by hand for 25 years. Some say his methods are too outdated. Although times has changed, he believes following the tradition and stinking with the process is part of […]

Old Fashioned Art of Puppetry Not Lost in Los Angeles

You may have never heard the name Bob Baker, but there’s a good chance you know his work. Baker was a puppeteer through the most of the 20th Century, his work has appeared in TV shows and movies like Bewitched, Star Trek, G.I. Blues, Bedknobs and Broomsticks and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Baker’s […]

Oil Paper Umbrella: the Ancient Surviving Craft

Do you know how many steps it takes to make an oil paper umbrella? It’s more than you might think. Xu Xian is following in his grandfather’s footsteps as a creator of oil paper umbrellas, despite his father’s initial objections. The making of oil paper umbrella’s is a very old tradition, spanning generations. For Xian, […]

O5 Tea Bar Secrets: Travel 7,500 km for Exclusive Tea

Tea hunter and managing partner at O 5 Tea Bar, Pedro Villalon was dissatisfied with the tea programs in fancy restaurants and hotels. While most feature luxury coffees and wines, Villalon found that the tea being served was often lacking in comparison. He decided to do something about it. Villalon travels to China, Japan, Korea […]

Not Enough Power Outlets! Can you Relate?

A partially robotic alien is stymied in its attempts to find an electrical outlet and charge its battery. Too bad phones and modern technology keep getting in its way. Subscribe to OhMore TV for a new video every day. Youtube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Vimeo: Tumblr: Snapchat: ohmoretv Do you […]

New York’s Oldest Irish Tavern Will Take You Back 163 Years In To The Past

You haven’t experience the true New York until you’ve sat down at McSorley’s Old Ale House. With sawdust at your feet and suds in your hand, you might just fall in love with the working man’s pub that is the oldest Irish tavern in the entire Big Apple. Its blue collar roots extend even to […]

Never Taunt a Ninja Part 3: The Grim Reaper

The 3 rapscallions return for their greatest challenge yet when the Grim Reaper shows up to harvest one of their souls – but they won’t go down without a fight. This Claymation short uses stop motion to bring this hysterical story to life. Fast chases, exciting action, choreographed fight scenes and comedic gold – this […]

Never Miss Seawater Tofu If You Go to Laoshan

Laoshan, a district located on the coast of sea and surrounded by mountains in Qingdao, has many food stories. Seawater Tofu is one of the most distinctive foods in Laoshan, which has been more than 100 years old. Compared with other methods, making tofu with sea water is faster and tastes fresher. The Seawater Tofu […]

Never Annoy A Ninja: Hilarious Claymation Short!

Never taunt a Ninja… See what happens when 3 naughty kids take on a fearsome Ninja in this uproarious Claymation short film. It all starts with a fish bite but soon turns into a chase across the nighttime rooftops of an ancient village. But, who will win? This Claymation short film uses stop motion technique […]

Never Annoy a Ninja Part 2: Hilarious Claymation Short!

Never taunt a Ninja – see what happens when 3 naughty kids take on a team of fearsome Ninjas in the second episode of this uproarious Claymation short film. The chase continues across the rooftops of an ancient village. But, who will win? This Claymation short uses stop motion to bring this hysterical story to […]

Navy SEAL Injury: What do you do When the Dream is Over?

A man’s lifelong dream of becoming a Navy SEAL is shattered when he breaks his leg during SEAL training. At a loss for what direction to turn in, the ex-SEAL trainee takes a job as a salesman, but finds the work ultimately disappointing. His conviction in never quitting, never giving up makes it hard for […]

Nanaimo Body Painting Artist Reveals The True Beauty Of Women’s Anatomy

Body painting artist, Cory Keys donates his artistic talent as a form of therapy to empower breast cancer survivors. Despite the imperfections women experience when recovering from a disease or surgery, his artwork reveals the hidden beauty that all women already possess. With 13 years of experience of body painting, Cory’s brush strokes highlight the […]

Must A Great Dancer Have A Sound Body?

The answer is no. Wheelchair dancer Chelsie Hill and her team not only concentrate on dance performance, she wants to help more people re-establish confidence. “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.“ A car accident took Chelsie Hill’s legs, and her dream that being a professional competitive […]

Musical Saw: The Strangest Instrument You’ve Ever Seen

There are lots of street performers and buskers in New York City – break dancers, singers, bucket drummers – but have you ever seen the Saw Lady? Natalia ‘Saw Lady’ Paruz is a New York City-based musical saw player and busker. She is the founder and director of the annual Musical Saw Festival in New […]

Motorcycle Enhancements that Kick Things up a Notch

You’ve never seen motorcycles modifications like these. John Cosentini uses anything and everything he thinks will add to the aesthetics of his bikes, including – but not limited to – hand grenades, .50 calibre bullets, wrenches, gears and more. Cosentini started modifying his motorcycle in the late 90’s, but it got so much attention he […]

Motocross Champion Returns after Spinal Cord Injury

Motocross Champion Chris Plouffe gets back on his bike after a devastating spinal injury in 2015. He’s regained the use of his legs, but will he ever make it back on top? Plouffe has dedicated his life to Motocross, starting at only 2 years old and training 4 days a week for 20 years. Plouffe […]

Meet the Real Spiderman

Meet Peng Wencai – a real life eco-friendly neighbourhood Spiderman. Surrounded by the breathtakingly beautiful – but dangerous – heights of Mount Emei’s Golden Summit, Peng Wencai beings his work day. Known as “Spiderman” by the locals, Peng Wencai’s job is to keep the mountain clean with just a rope and a bag. It’s a […]

Maple Syrup: The Sweet Legacy of Canada

Did you know about Canada’s secret career? We do more than cut trees. We tap them! See how one man’s syrup became his legacy.

Love Is The One Cure: Oluwa Toni’s Journey In Music

When Oluwa Toni started struggling with anxiety and depression after he had gone through some business losses few years ago, he lost the motivation to stay alive. He later attended a seminar where they had been asked to create a dream board. He realized his dream was to create a song before he dies. What […]

Living Like An Animal

Would you dare live in a house with spiders, scorpions and snakes crawling around? For Sean Roach, this is his everyday life! Being a Wild Life Educator and animal enthusiast, Sean sees the wonder of nature expressed in all the amazing animals in the world. To him, animals are his super heroes. He draws inspiration […]

Listen to Jay: A Jay Chou Documentary

Are you a familiar with Jay Chou? You might have seen him in the new adaptation of the classic superhero movie called “The Green Hornet”. A man well-known in China for his impeccable musical talents, Jay Chou continues to influence many through his music and his recently directed film called the “The Secret”. Although many […]

Lightbulb Head 2: Searching for Love in All the Wrong Places

The little electric alien is back and this time he’s just trying to find some love for his friends and for himself. Too bad he doesn’t fully understand the intricacies of human romance, or the human digestive system. Subscribe to OhMore TV for a new video every day. Youtube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: […]

Life Saving Makeover from NYC Dog Groomer

In New York City there are 670,000 dogs that die every year for lack of a home. One of the biggest problems standing in their way is as simple as cosmetics. Strays coming off the streets are often in rough shape with matted fur and abrasions. Mark Imhof volunteers his time, grooming dogs at the […]

Laugh your Problems Away with Comedy Therapy

Can laughter heal your soul? Follow comedian Adam Barnhardt as he guides his students through mental illness, addiction, social anxiety and the pressures of human existence with an age-old remedy – laughter. Barnhardt teaches his School of Comedy as a form of therapy out of The Clown House in Downtown Los Angeles. Subscribe to OhMore […]

Kung Fu Woman Attains Inner Freedom with Traditional Martial Art – Taichi

Born as the 6th generation heir of a Taichi family, Ye has trained rigorously under her mother from a young age. Taichi is a popular Chinese martial art that trains the body as well as the mind. It can connect you with your inner self and help you find personal freedom. The rich culture and […]

Keeping Traditions Alive at Granville Island Broom Co.

In a fast-paced world of technology, computers, screens and social media inundating us at every turn, is there anywhere left for old-fashioned traditions? The two sisters behind the Granville Island Broom Co. believe there is. Mary and Sarah Schwieger make brooms the way their parents taught them, using methods passed down from Shaker traditions from […]

Kabuki, Street That Never Sleeps At Night

The nocturnal Foodie Street of Japan, Kabuki sleeps during the day and wakes up in the night. It gets crazily flooded with people in the night time that it makes even a walking very difficult. Julie owns a cake shop here and never gets tired of serving the latecomers with traditional Japanese foods, cakes, fruits […]

Just Say Yes: Repurposing the Ordinary for the Extraordinary

Just say yes. When it comes to taking risks or making gambles in life, Creative Director Miss Morgan believes you should never give up, “just go for it.” Miss Morgan designs and creates her own extraordinary multimedia experiences for extraordinary people. Specializing in costume design, Miss Morgan uses repurposed every day objects to make new […]

How the Iceberg got its Color

Ice is clear, snow is white. So what color is an iceberg? More than just white, they answer might surprise you. Subscribe to OhMore TV for a new video every day. Youtube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Vimeo: Tumblr: Snapchat: ohmoretv Do you have a story to tell? We want to […]

How Can a High Liner Overcome the Fear?

Highlining is slacklining at elevation above the ground or water, it might be the pinnacle of slacklining and the most breathtaking sport to face fear directly. In order to slackline between two mountains, Mia Noblet has gone through a lot of practice for 2 years to overcome her fear. And finally, she broke the Female […]

How Bad for your Eyes are Screens, Really?

Is sitting too close to a screen bad for your eyes? We’ve all been told not to, but the truth is less dire than previously believed. Screens do cause eye fatigue, but there’s no conclusive evidence to prove that they are doing any serious or lasting harm. So enjoy watching some more videos, just take […]

How an Origami House is Unraveling Surprises on the Edge of the Gulf Islands

“[When] I look for inspiration, I look not to other architecture, I look to my interests in other mediums.” – Tony Robins Architect Tony Robins likens the house he designed off the coast of British Columbia to something you might find in Japanese Origami. The Origami house, as the Gulf Island has come to be […]

Happy Canada Day 150 Years!

Why are Canadians so proud of our country? Even our busses are polite, we’re sincere, we have zambonis, maple syrup, health care, we eat too many donuts (good thing for the health care), we don’t live in igloos (sorry!), our Prime Minister is super hot… Why don’t you make a trip up North and find […]

Full Metal Blacksmith – Check Out These Badass Medieval Weapons and Armor

In the fast pace modern world of cell phones, technology, brand names and seasonal fashion, many people are rejecting generic trends for old-fashioned, hand crafted work. People like Robb Martin, blacksmith and owner of Thak Ironworks. Robb Martin has been forging iron – everything from armor and weapons to medieval torture devices – for 30 […]

From Injury to a Bodybuilder: Muscle, Music and Mindset

Never say never! Would you believe this ripped Chinese-Canadian bodybuilder was once on crutches for 2 years? Although his right leg is badly injured and his doctor said he’d never be an athlete, he conquered the injury and finally got into the best shape of his life, leading him to rank among the top 3 […]

From an Engineer to a Juggler – A Journey to Follow One’s Dream

Would you leave a comfortable job just to follow your dreams? Dianna David did. This first-generation Filipino-Canadian left her career as a mechanical engineer to pursue a life as a contact juggler, hip hop artist, actor, dancer and storyteller. And guess what? She’s made a living out if it and that’s the role-model she wants […]

Foodie Fetish: Xiang la Crawfish

Xiang la (spicy) Crawfish is a Chinese delicacy that will make your mouth water and your stomach growl. Watch the video and get inspired to create your own crawfish recipes at home. This video is intended for full screen on mobile devices. Subscribe to OhMore TV on Youtube: Follow us on Instagram: Check […]

Foodie Fetish: Seafood Fried Rice

WATCH THIS FULL SCREEN ON YOUR MOBILE. WARNING: This video of seafood fried rice being made is mouth-watering! Follow @ohmoretv for more stories to come!

Foodie Fetish: Matcha Millefeuille

Have you ever tasted a Matcha Millefeuille? It’s a French delicious puff pastry you’d love ❤️️

Foodie Fetish: Incredible Muscles Prepared Perfectly

Take a trip to the sea with these delicious grapefruit infused muscles. Subscribe to OhMore TV for a new video every day. Youtube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Vimeo: Tumblr: Snapchat: ohmoretv Do you have a story to tell? We want to hear from you! Shoot us an email and say […]

Foodie Fetish: Homemade Supreme Pizza

Calling all Pizza Lovers! Watching this video full-screen on mobile is GUARANTEED to make you drool…🤤 Follow @ohmoretv for more stories to come!

Foodie Fetish: Healthy Nutritious Bento Boxes

Enjoy a balanced lunch with these healthy, nutritious, amazing bento boxes. It might be hard to eat only one. Subscribe to OhMore TV for a new video every day. Youtube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Vimeo: Tumblr: Snapchat: ohmoretv Do you have a story to tell? We want to hear from […]

Foodie Fetish: Fresh Fruit Smoothie

Nothing starts the day off better then a delicious, fresh fruit smoothie! Try one of these, or invent your own combination. Subscribe to OhMore TV for a new video every day. Youtube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Vimeo: Tumblr: Snapchat: ohmoretv Do you have a story to tell? We want to […]