OhMore Media is a new generation of digital media communications, featuring original short video content across North America and China. OhMore Media understands the viewing habits and lifestyles of both sides of our audience. Combined with online multimedia platforms and social media channels, OhMore Media tells and spreads the world’s personal stories using the world’s top content development, brand planning, and channel output platforms around the world.

OhMore Vancouver

OhMore Toronto

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OhMore Flavour

OhMore has created 1 main channel and 6 sub-channels on various social media platforms, which is OhMore TV, OhMore Vancouver, OhMore Toronto, OhMore New York, OhMore Los Angeles, OhMore Flavour, and OhMore HiGo. More sub-channels will be launched in the nearly future.

OhMore channels are designed to reveal the world’s hidden beauty to tell the stories of interesting people in the realms of Arts & Culture, Travel, Entertainment & Sports, Lifestyle & Fashion, and Technology & Innovation in a 3-5 minutes short video format, and live streams for local events.